historical Gurudwaras In Karnataka - India

Gurudwara Nanak Jhira - Bidar

Guru Nanak, the first Guru, travelled all over India and abroad to spread the message of the Almighty God. He communicated his creed of adoration and oneness of God in simple language. He visited many~ places and had discussions with saints, fakirs, sufis and ascetics, representing various religious orders.

He had been to the east, as far as Assam, down south to Sri Lanka and up in north to Tibet. He also visited very citadel of Islam, Mecca and studied in depth the Islamic faith and its way of life. Guru Nanak accompanied by Mardana ravelled by stages. His main object was to awaken the dormant souls, to show true path to the misguided and to spread the name of God among people.

Gurudwara Sri Bhai Sahib Singh

Gurdwara Sri Bhai Sahib Singh is in memory of Bhai Sahib Singh. Bhai Sahib Singh was one of the Panj Pyare (or the Five beloved ones). Bhai Sahib Singh was formerly known as Sahib Chand, and was a part a Nai (barber) family, before he was initiated into the Khalsa at Anandpur at the young age of 16.

There are different versions regarding the Birth Place and Family Members of Sahib Singh. Though all accept the fact that he was born in family of Nai's. Regarding Bhai Sahib Singh's birth place, the most popular and acceptable belief is that he was born in or near Bidar.

Gurudwara Tap Asthan Mai Bhago - Janwada

Gurdwara Tap Asthan Mai Bhago - Jinwada Village (pronounced Jinvara) is 11 kilometres from Bidar along the Bidar-Barauli-Auradh road. Mai Bhago, the surviving heroine of the battle of Muktsar, who had left Nanded after the passing away of Guru Gobind Singh and came to Nanak Jhira, spent the rest of her saintly life at Jinwada in a house just outside the walls of the fortress of Bala Rao and Rustam Rao, Maratha chiefs in whose release from captivity Guru Gobind Singh had been instrumental. This house was maintained as a holy place after her death. When Nanak Jhira was occupied by Sikhs in 1948, they also acquired this house from its last caretaker, Gulab Rao, and set up Gurdwara Tap Asthan Mai Bhago. It is a simple small room with a verandah in front maintained by the managing committee of Gurdwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, Bidar.