historical Gurudwaras In Gujrat - India

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Gurdwara Lakhpat Sahib

In the Course of Guru Nanak Dev ji's Travels (Udasis) Guru Nanak Dev ji visited Gujarat and onto Lakhpat. In old times Lakhpat was past of Sind (Now in Pakistan). Lakhpat is 170 Kms from Gandhidham, Gujarat (India). In sixteen century it was known as "Basta Bander". Lakhpat used to be rice growing area and was a popular port also, but due to Earthquake of 1819 A.D., the area became barren and crops withered away for want of water because river disappeared. To commorate the visit of Lakhpat by Guru Nanak Dev ji, a Gurudwara was built in the early years of Nineteenth Century and a vast tract of land was bestowed to Gurudwara to make up expenses for maintenance and to look after the visitors, from the revenue from the land and the crops grown there.

Gurudwara Chadar Sahib - Baroch

Gurdwara Pehli Patshahi is a Memorial Shrine present in Bharuch City, which was made in memory of Baba Nanak visit during his Missionary Journey. From here Guru Nanak Dev continued his journey to North India. Bharuch is a famous city of Gujarat State(India) situated on the banks of river Narmada and located about 70kms from Vadodara. According to Sikh Mythology, When Guru Sahib reachad at the bank of the river,the local king denied boat to Guru Sahib then Guru Sahib asked Bhai Mardana to lay Chadar on the water. Bhai Mardana obeyed the order of the Guru and to very much surprise for the king they crossed the river on Chadar , Gurdwara Sahib has been named as Chadar Sahib. Sikhs have been demanding for a road along the bank straight to the Gurdwara Sahib as due to encroachment the path has narrowed and its difficult to rech the building in vehicle. A big Langar Hall has been constructed which will be used for parking if the demand for road is met.

Gurudwara Nanakwadi Sahib

This was were the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev ji and his companion Sri Mardana ji stopped and spent some time here in 1515-17, after leaving Baroch. From here they left to travel to Rajasthan. Gurdwara Guru Nanak Varhi has been built to preserve the memory of this visit by the founder of Sikhism. The single room that has long stood to preserve the memory of his visit has today grown into a huge Gurdwara.

Gurudwara Charan Paduka - Junagarh

JUNAGARH - A town, formerly a princely State, in Katthiwar zone of the Gujrat province, visited by Guru Nanak Sahib. Gurdwara Charan Paduka (also known as Gurdwara Nanak Shahi) had been built, near Dharagarh gate, in the memory of the visit of Guru Sahib. Later the priests of the Gurdwara closed the Gurdwara and sold the building.