historical Gurudwaras In Uttarakhand - India

Any indivisual be it male or female bond in a sikh family can be termed ideal at various stages of life. The identification is clear for an ideal sikh child, he/she is an early riser assuming the age of understanding and learning. Since childhood is the age which lays foundation of youth and comming age, an ideal sikh child tries to collect good habits from the very beginning.

He/she is less attracted to materialism and have less gridy as compared to other children. He/she has got ample patience and tolerance for others of small, simmilar and higher age people. The most important factor or symptom present in him/her is immense love for guru he/she starts learning the preachings and teachings of guru.

He/she is always curious to hunt the infinite treasure of Gurbani. He/she becomes thoroughly regular in daily prayers to perform "Nit Name".

As the age grows he/she enriched with peace of mind, knowledge and eventually wisdom. He/she has no enimies, not provoked so easily, never gets angry, always seems contented and satisfied with whatever Guru has blessed with, always thankful to Guru, has the courage to forgive others, is brave enough to protect the weak, is kind enough to give everything he/she has.

The words to define an Ideal Sikh are less and limited. The qualities, virtues and praises are infinite and limitless. However in this modern world a sikh to be ideal should try to overcome or at least reduce to maximum extent the five basic enimies namely Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar.

He/she should follow the strict orders from the divine Guru to spend maximum time in kirtan and prayers, be good to others, be truthful in acts, have heart to share and pray for wellness of all mankind.